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Paving the way to mainstream adoption. We aim to put a coin in the wallet of every person on the globe.
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Meet Tetra, a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the trade of Bitcoin. We've developed a matchmaking system that facilitates coin trading with a fast turn around from professional traders. Trade your cryptocurrency coins with your peers through our platform as a sole trader or as a business, in person or over the internet through our escrow system. Our user-friendly web platform, advanced security measures, fair exchange rates and powerful matchmaker will aid you to trade coins with people in a new way and aid to finally bring our favorite cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Mainstream Adoption

As cryptocurrency enthusiasts we want to see the coins we use attain global recognition. This can only ever become a reality through the efforts of projects that work towards making crypto highly accessible and easy to use. We endeavor to remove the barriers to entry that crypto coin buyers have experienced first-hand by reducing the technical expertise required to trade. It's time that the cryptocurrency purchasing experience became easy and enjoyable.

Facilitating Buying and Selling

Cryptocurrency can be confronting to people who have never used an exchange before. Our mission is to make it as easy as humanly possible to trade in and out of cryptocurrency with all kinds of fiat payment methods, such as: Domestic Bank, Face to Face, SEPA, Zelle, Cash by mail, and many more.

Facilitating Business

Tetra provides you with tools to effectively grow your coin trading business. Every time you receive a trade request you will be sent a notification and will be given a short period of time to accept the trade. You don't need to actively look for trades, we distribute our trades to all of our trading partners fairly and all partners receive the same exchange rates. This eliminates the need for market participants to undercut eachother and fight for customers.

Eliminate Repetition

Focus on what's important

Configure your profile with your desired settings and Tetra will handle the rest for you. No need to tediously go back and forth with your customers explaining your payment methods, terms and id in every single trade you make, our system will present your buyers with the appropriate options derived from your settings.
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